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Hello and welcome back to Warnock’s Gaming Zone Re-Imagined!

So the structure of the GameJolly Network has been re-done to fit each site into it’s own place in the network. We now have GameJolly that will host all my gaming reviews, previews, and Interviews. Warnock’s Gaming Zone will be the host of two fan sites that I am starting up(possibly more if I have time.). A Blizzard games fan site, and a new Sea of Thieves games fan site. The Blizzard fan site will focus on all things Blizzard. I know there are many sites that provide great information so it will be more focused on my experience and joy of Blizzard games and community. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing in the Sea of Thieves beta and now that the game is released I wanted to join in the fun and so I am building a Sea of Thieves community site. I hope you come to visit and enjoy what I present. As they are fan sites they will be more interactive and I hope to engage more community members.

 ZoneJolly will now be built for the entertainment side of the network. Meaning I will be posting up Movie, TV show reviews and information. Just for fun and to let the world know what I think of anything entertainment based. I will also have a sports section in Zonejolly where I will spill the beans on how to be a great coach at most sports and discuss my favorite sports teams.

Warson Computers will house the technical side of the Network. I will be presenting Hardware, Software reviews, helpful tips for computers, and any other electronics news that I can find. With these 4 great Network Sites coming to life I hope to present information for everyone to enjoy. So I hope you will join me in helping to build the network to bigger and better heights.


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